Aloe Rid Shampoo Review | Old Formula

Aloe Rid (old formula) detox shampoo is a pretty good product to begin with for helping remove THC-COOH (the drug metabolite of weed) from your hair. But its popularity among weed users skyrocketed after it was recommended in the Macujo method on some online forums a few years ago.

Since then, there’s been a lot of curiosity about the working of this shampoo. Some compare it with other shampoos that claim to remove drug metabolites from your hair without being fully revealing on how their products work.

So, as an ode to this immensely beneficial shampoo which has helped me stay under the radar on more than one occasion, here’s my  aloe rid shampoo review for you guys.

 Aloe Rid shampoo review

aloe rid shampoo reviewAloe rid is a detox shampoo ( Old Style) that removes drug metabolites from your hair. Its often sold in a combo, the first one being the Aloe Rid detox shampoo and the second one being the Ultra Clean Shampoo.
For the shampoo to work, you have to wash your hair with aloe rid detox shampoo first and then clean it again with Zydot Ultra Clean on the day of the hair drug test.

Aloe rid detox shampoo contains propylene glycol which helps in breaking down the hard cuticle layer of a hair folicle.

This is undoubtedly the most crucial part of removing drug metabolites from your hair because these are stored in the cortex or the inner layer of the follicle.

The cuticle is approximately 12 layers overlapping one another and some other methods use harsh bleaches and ammonia to break this layer down. Instead,  Aloe Rid old fomula uses Propylene glycol which is gentler, to dissolve this layer and the Ultra Clean shampoo helps to flush out the toxins from the hair.

 Aloe Rid old formula and the Macujo Method

The Macujo Method, which is one of the most popular DIY techniques to flush out drug metabolites from the hair uses the  Aloe Rid Shampoo old formula as its base cleanser. The ingredients are:

  • Aloe Rid detox shampoo
  • Tide Detergent
  • Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo
  • Clean and clear pink 
  • Bottle of  white vinegar

You can read the step by step guide in this post.

The method advocates the use of the shampoo multiple times in the days leading up to your hair follicle test. However, based on my aloe rid shampoo review, you can even use this as a standalone cleanser for your hair.

Why it is better as compared to other cheap hair detox shampoos

Aloe Rid detox shampoo

For starters, there are no harsh chemicals like ammonia in the shampoo. So, you can be rest assured that even after you use it repeatedly, there will still be hair left on your head.

Secondly, it is hands down, the easiest way to remove toxins from your hair strands. Take a look at any other method and you’ll know why this is so popular.

Thirdly, unlike other hair detox shampoos which only work to remove drug metabolites and strip your hair off its natural oils and leave it damaged, Aloe rid shampoo contains moisturizers and conditioning agents that help to detangle the hair and restore its natural sheen and luster.

You can use  Aloe Rid for 10 days on the trot and your hair will still be the way it was before you started treatment.

That brings me to the instructions.

How to use Aloe Rid detox Shampoo

 aloe rid detox shampooIt is recommended that you use Aloe Rid shampoo for at least 5 days before you are scheduled to undergo a hair follicle test. However, if you are short of time, then you can apply the shampoo multiple times a day as opposed to once a day for the number of days until the day of the test (use Aloe Rid as a part of the Macujo Method).

On the day of the test, wash your hair with the Zydot ultra clean detox shampoo.

That’s it. You don’t have to gulp down detox solutions or scrub your hair with harsh chemicals.

By the way, only the aloe rid old formula which contains a higher percentage of Propylene glycol has been proven to be effective for dissolving the outer cuticle.

Where to buy the older batch of Aloe Rid?

Most of the bottles of Aloe Rid that are being sold on online retail portals like eBay and Amazon are from the newer batch which does not contain sufficient Propylene glycol.

That’s as good as picking any shampoo off the shelf. It will not work for clearing a drug test. For this to work you have to get the  aloe rid old formula which, as of now, is only available on .

It comes in TestClear’s own custom packaging (picture on the left) and they also have a great customer support team that is available 24/7 via Live Chat and a phone line.

To Sum it up

Old style Aloe Rid detox shampoo is an excellent and easy way to beat a hair follicle drug test. Club it with the Macujo method and this will have you covered even if your have dreadlocks. Most other shampoos and methods don’t work for locs.

9 Total Score
Best hair detox shampoo

Use Aloe Rid detox shampoo as a part of the macujo method to pass your hair follicle drug test.

  • 100% natural
  • Contains moisturizers and conditioning agents
  • Don't irritate your scalp or damage your hair like other detox shampoos
  • Helps your hair to get rid of toxins
  • Fast, overnight shipping
  • Expensive
  • Aloe rid alone is not enough for the macujo method
  • Must follow the instructions closely
User Rating: 2.99 (110 votes)
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